Reticent Resistant

Misuse of the word “reticent.”

Though I see the good folks at alphadictionary are already on this one, it kind of freaked me out the other day when I ran across it reading the sports section of the Globe and Mail. Then I saw it again a few minutes later on the same site. Then again. It was as if a strange conspiracy of illiterate editorial staff had let their rhesus monkey out of its test cage and let it loose on the software. Or maybe the Globe is saving money (that it isn’t wasting on Wente, Mallick, and ) by having the monkey do the “work” in the first place. Please, Globe, let this word do the work that god intended.

More (non-sports page) examples after a cursory search of the site:

[CP] “Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion is hoping to overcome lingering Maritime reticence to his “Green Shift” carbon taxation plan.” (ummm . . . “resistance”?)


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